Summit Evaluations, LLC is a New Jersey Department of Education approved agency that provides a multitude of educational and testing services throughout New Jersey.  We are comprised of highly qualified, state certified professionals who currently work in an educational setting or have spent their entire professional career helping families navigate the educational arena.  We help the youngest of students who are just approaching preschool age as well as school-aged students.  Our staff is highly experienced in both the nonpublic and public sectors of education and have years of experience working with students of various ability levels.  At Summit Evaluations, LLC, we seek to identify each student's needs as a learner, equipping parents with data and recommendations as well as personalized assistance to help them acquire individualized supports for their child at school.   


The vision for Summit Evaluations, LLC surfaced in 2016 after repeated personal inquiries for private educational evaluations were made by parents and various community professionals.  Co-founders Toni Obermeier and Erin Munch agreed to create an agency that would offer such testing as well as personalized consultations to assist families in understanding their child's educational needs and helping afford them with the supports necessary to succeed at school.  Additionally, the co-founders felt strongly about building an educational agency that could act as a personal liaison between families and schools, effectively addressing the student's needs while also establishing a positive, collaborative relationship with school staff.

Erin L. Munch, Ed.S.


Toni Obermeier, M.A.