Summit Evaluations, LLC is a state approved independent Child Study Team.  As a New Jersey Department of Education agency, team members have proven they are fully certified and free of any criminal history.  Moreover, our team members were hand-picked for their ability to work with students of all ages and abilities, their impressive interpersonal skills and friendliness, and their skill in writing insightful reports with keen observations and interpretations.  Read about some of our awesome team members; then consider how such experienced professionals can help you to understand your loved one's unique educational needs.

Erin L. Munch

Erin Münch, owner of Summit Evaluations, LLC, is a New Jersey certified school psychologist who has proudly and happily worked in the field of education since 2004.  She has worked with students of all ages, from those who are not yet three to those who are nearing the age of 21, as well as with students of varying ability levels.  Over the years, Erin has worked in both public and nonpublic schools in a multitude of capacities including case manager, evaluator, consultant, behavior specialist, and educational presenter.  She is highly skilled in conducting cognitive evaluations, assessing behavioral and emotional difficulties, interpreting evaluative findings, and developing meaningful and measurable Individualized Education/Service Plans.  Erin thoroughly enjoys working with students and their families, helping to uncover what unique needs each child has and the supports s/he requires to perform most optimally in school.  She is passionate in acting as a liaison between families and schools to promote growth in each student not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.  As a mother of two young children, Erin appreciates each family’s desire to understand their child’s needs and to want the very best for him/her.  This is what drives her to professional excellence when evaluating children and propels her to work hand-in-hand with parents and schools to benefit the student’s educational future—because that is what she would want for her own beloved children. 

Erin earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology with academic honors from what is now Stockton University and, a few years later, earned a Master’s in School Psychology and Educational Specialist degree from Rowan University.  Erin then went on to receive her Supervisor of Education certificate.  Erin lives in South Jersey with her loving husband and two children.  She enjoys the beach, a good book, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Stacy Barilotti

Stacy Barilotti is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has worked for early intervention and the public schools for the past ten years.  She received her Bachelors of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Richard Stockton University and her Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.  Stacy also holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the national organization the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), and she has her New Jersey licensure in Speech Language Pathology. Stacy is married to her high school sweet heart, and they are the proud parents of two amazing children. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach, traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Juliet Limanni

Juliet Limanni has worked in the field of education and community behavioral health for the past 25 years.  She has worked in private schools as a paraprofessional for children with multiple disabilities and has provided school and home-based therapeutic staff support for children on the autism spectrum.  Juliet has also coordinated community-based mental health services for children with dual diagnoses.  Additionally, she has provided rehabilitative support for adults with traumatic brain injuries in residential programs.  For the past sixteen years, Juliet has worked in public, nonpublic, and charter schools as a New Jersey certified school psychologist.  She thoroughly enjoys working with children, their families, and school staff to gain understanding of the child’s unique profile and to work collaboratively to develop plans that will effectively utilize the child’s strengths in order to meet his or her needs. 


Juliet earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology and participated in the Arts and Sciences Honors program at Boston College.  She earned her Master’s degree in School Psychology and Educational Specialist degree from Rowan University.  In addition to her School Psychology certification, Juliet is also certified as a Supervisor by the New Jersey Department of Education.  Juliet resides in Burlington County, NJ with her husband, daughter, three dogs and Chuck the Cat.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and supporting the arts in her community.   She also is a certified volunteer advocate for the New Jersey Long-Term Care Ombudsman. 

Barbarann Lewis

Barbarann Lewis has been in the field of education for over the past thirty years.  She worked in the public school setting for many of those years as a special education teacher.  For the past twenty years, she has also worked as a member of two Child Study Teams.  Barbarann is certified as a school psychologist, school social worker, and learning disability teacher-consultant (LDT-C) and has lengthy experience in all three disciplines.  She believes our top priority is to educate our children. Knowing a child's strengths and weaknesses can help facilitate their learning and seek out what is their best learning style and learning environment.  She is passionate about providing quality evaluations and recommendations to families to benefit the student’s educational experience.  Barbarann lives in Burlington County with her husband, James, and their sweet lab, Holly.  They have one daughter and two grandsons with whom they spend much of their time.  Her leisure time interests include reading, travel, and photography.

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